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My car is really doing great! Very thankful for the work that you guys had done, it's running great.

Darrel D.

June, 2019 Local

Customer service was great! Prices was decent.

Jimmy A.

June, 2019 Local

I was very satisfied with the service! After I picked up my car, I started to use it and had no problems with it, it's running great.

Alexander C.

April, 2019 Local

I'm very satisfied with this AAMCO center. The guys were extremely helpful, they rebuilt the Trans and replaced some other parts! - The vehicle is running great!

Alvin C.

2007 Nissan Xterra December, 2015 Local

I'm very satisfied with AAMCO. I was having some issue and they fixed it and fixed it fast - I would recommend them for your car services.


2009 Hyundai Sonata September, 2015 Local

"AAMCO was great! They are very knowledgeable and had me in and out in no time! I highly recommend them.

Country A.

1997 Toyota Avalon September, 2015 Local

I am very satisfied with AAMCO- Had an issue and they fixed it. My 2005 Jeep is running great! I'll be back for all my service needs.

Sean Y.

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee September, 2015 Local

So far so good! The vehicle is running real good. AAMCO's manager was great, very helpful and explained everything that needed to be done to my 2006 Suzuki. I recommend them.

Josie A.

2006 Suzuki Aerio September, 2015 Local

How I describe this AAMCO center is professional, knowledgeable so far the vehicle is driving great!

Romell B

2004 Chevrolet Express 1500 July, 2015 Local

I am having some issues with the transmission. It keeps slipping on me. I certainly would like to come back to AAMCO and see what the problem is.

Thomas M.

1991 Nissan D21 October, 2014 Local

I have not had any issues with my transmission, it has been running really good. They did an excellent job in communicating with me and letting me know the status of my vehicle at all times. It was a pleasure doing business with them, and for that I will always keep recommending them to everyone.

Adam L.

October, 2014 Local

The gentleman that took care of me really did a great job in giving me options to start with and also explaining the details. I felt that they were all honest, friendly and fair to me. I could not ask for a better auto shop to get my vehicle fixed. I certainly recommend them!

Micael K.

2010 VW Passat October, 2014 Local

I really liked that they took very little time to fix my car. They saved me a lot of money and time, i'll surely be coming back!

Sampson J.

2003 Buick Park October, 2014 Local

I would definitely recommend them to everyone after receiving a great transmission work from them.

Kailey K.

2002 Chrysler Sebring October, 2014 Local

AAMCO's staff was very honest and helpful when it came to helping me. The price was certainly right and I proceeded with the work. I am very happy I went with them since the vehicle now runs a lot better.

Donald M.

2005 Cadillac DeVille October, 2014 Local

AAMCO gave my vehicle back on time, they were also very friendly and top notch mechanics. The car now runs lovely, thanks to them. I would recommend this AAMCO location to anyone that needs transmission work on their vehicles.

Moe E.

1978 Oldsmobil September, 2014 Local

Everything went well and I am very happy how my vehicle runs now.

Berto D.

2008 Nissan September, 2014 Local

AAMCO is a great shop. They are very friendly and pleasant to work with. I would definitely come back here and I also highly recommend them to everyone!

Majed E.

2009 Nissan September, 2014 Local

Everything went extremely well with the vehicle. Now, it runs very well and I haven't had any issues whatsoever. I highly recommend them.

Jon D.

2001 VW Golf September, 2014 Local

They did an outstanding job. Excellent service by the manager and staff. I would definitely use AAMCO again.

Lester C.

2005 Chevrolet September, 2014 Local

I really enjoyed my time at AAMCO. For the most part it was because the manager was top notch, he did an extremely good job on my vehicle. I would certainly recommend them to everyone!

Brandon C.

1969 Chevrolet September, 2014 Local

I am very satisfied with the end results. AAMCO was a great experience. I certainly recommend them!

Jimmy C.

Pontiac 1969 September, 2014 Local

The owner and his staff members are always great towards me. They are very reasonable with the pricing and extremely flexible with the dropping and picking up. I've already sent people their way since they did a wonderful job on my vehicle. I really recommend them this shop, they are just a friendly location.

Melissa C.

2007 Dodge Caravan September, 2014 Local

Everybody at this AAMCO location was extremely friendly with me. They were also very quick in diagnosing and fixing my vehicle. The pricing was very fair and reasonable. The number one thing I really liked about AAMCO that not a lot of shops do, is that they negotiated with me and looked out after my best interest. I certainly recommend them!

Prentice Bristle

2000 Dodge Caravan September, 2014 Local

The guys working here really do a great job representing AAMCO. The owner was very knowledgeable and friendly, extremely professional. The car runs good now and I am more than satisfied with the work. I will recommend them!

Hasani B

2001 Pontiac AM September, 2014 Local

The technicians at AAMCO were very professional. They were very quick diagnosing the issues with my vehicle. I was certain there was a transmission problem with it and was anticipating them telling me an expensive repair was in order. After they did a free inspection, they told me everything was fine and all I needed was a transmission flush. I appreciate the fact that they did not try to get anything extra out of my service and it goes a long way towards earning my trust and confidence. If I need further service, I will go back and I definitely recommend this shop to others. Ask for Rick Pennington, he was the person that helped me.

Ameer F


AAMCO everywhere! Hey I travel all over the country and when I need service for any of my cars I try to take them to AAMCO. I read these negative reviews. However, I stopped by and brought up the negative reviews and then found out there is a new owner now and I can assure you that they are great. Got brake estimate from dealership and midas both in excess of $900. AAMCO got me on the road for under $500. Robby was wonderful. You can trust these guys! The other guys are gone.

Sam P


This place is the best! Fair prices, honest mechanics, and all around great service. I would recommend them to anyone!

Gail M


Thank you for the great service and workmanship you provided me. I was referred by a friend that has used the AAMCO in Aurora, IL for years and highly recommended you. I decided to give AAMCO a try and I am truly glad I did. My experience was great! I will definitely be going back for my mechanical needs in the future. Thanks so much!

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